Néjjeru Afonlomun

Prince of Mur' Afonlo, Master Sundering-weapon Wiz' Alimm, Agent of Arcanumdom


Age: 25 Height: 7’3” Weight: 260lbs Alignment: Evil

Tall, even for a Majile, and of a medium build the most striking thing about this man is his long shimmering silver blue hair. He has undergone the process of placing arcane runes on his body which give his skin a light turquoise color along with the actual runes themselves which are dark blue. Néjjeru usually wears a small beard but it is not uncommon for it to be missing as it often gets seared off in battles. Various scars can also be seen beneath the runes on his exposed skin but most of his body is usually draped in lavish noble colored robes and magical items.

When speaking with Néjjeru the first effect one gets is his overwhelming confidence. On further interaction it can be inferred his confidence is delusional and perhaps due to some mental gymnastics. The noble accent of the “Four Enlightened Kingdoms” (nations of the Majiles) is quite clear in his pronunciations of common.


Nationality: Mur’ Afonlo

Religious Views: Plane of Law (Surinket), though he is far from very religious.

Nobility: Oldest son of Duke Mishyros and Duchess Octalia, cousin to the heir to the throne of Mur’ Afonlo, currently a prince and will eventually be a Duke.

Siblings: “Mishyru” (Younger Brother), “Tira” (Younger Sister), “Cherena” (Older Half Sister)

Occupation: Néjjeru is tasked with special operations by his own royal family (Afonlomun) to help secure that their portal masters and technology remain secure. He gets many resources to make sure that his job is done at the highest level. The portals of his family can be found in many notable cities including Majulos, Highport, Ernos, Silveros, Inkport, Duncherr, Bunarr, Tereken, Heynor’Aquen, Nesso, Hattrixem, and Elderbrook. The specialization of the portals under the patronage of the Mur’ Afonlo royal family is that they can transport large quantities of people or items and therefore somewhat invaluable as a way to transport high ranking soldiers to the theaters of battle.

Néjjeru Afonlomun

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