( ȯlrēket )

“The Plane of Love,” “The Plane of Enlightenment,” or "The Plane of Freedom

Creator True Race

This plane was created (one of the third pair to be created) by a powerful group of priests, sorcerers, and magicians who sought to create a more perfect world for mortals. The average lifespan of a member of the True Race before the Alriket was created was a little under 1,000 years. The creators of the Alriket made it a goal of theirs to create a plane that could more than quadruple that. Many of the elites among the True Race found that they enjoyed many of the principles of the Solimket in regards to living good lives but found many of the laws of the Sun Pantheon to be quite restrictive. The issue of using mortals as the first line of defense in fighting the (relatively) small amount of evil which trickled into the world was also burdened with contention. The Alriket was created as a peaceful, wild, and tranquil plane which would expel any who did not seek to do their part to live their lives in its ways. Little did the makers of the Alriket know that as they crafted their new utopia the darkest hours of Zith were approaching through its paired creation with the Xugellket.


The Alriket is a spherical plane that intersects, with an often closed border, the Zithket on the continent of Enelia. The plane is stationary and upon entering it seems like a smaller globe comparable to the Zithket which orbits the Xugellket globe in a parallel dimension to other planes affiliated with the Zith. It is said to be heavily forested and plentiful in plants and animals.


The Denizens of the of the Alriket are those of the True Race who moved into the plane and became the Eneladrin. Also there are a group of sentient beings known as the Fey which were created along with the plane (accidentally apparently). The Fey and Eneladrin generally get along quite well and some of the more powerful fey are worshiped as deities.

Ultimate Concern

The Alriket is concerned most of all with protecting itself and cutting any deals that can keep its denizens living their lives in the utopia they have manifested. Violence is disliked heavily though there have been instances where violence has occurred in the Alriket even on a relatively large scale. The main issue most in the Alriket focus on preserving however is their individual freedom and separation from any rigid laws.


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