Alriket Pantheon

Major Deities of the Alriket

Feyqueen Enimiwa: Compassionate Ruler of the Alriket.
Forestlord Algozem: Deity of nature and exploration.
Feyprincess Flutossa: Patron deity of romance, love, and sometimes the moon.

Major Religions of the Alriket

Elder of Enelia: This is the religion of the Eneladrin and involves regular pilgrimages into the Alriket and an unparalleled connection to the deities with whom they worship.

Other forms of worship for the Alriket is comprised mostly of individual temples which organize loosely with each other but are not in much contact with the plane like those in Enelia. Often a kingdom will help establish and run Temples of Alriket deities within their borders for the unique magic and services the worshipers bring.

Alriket Pantheon

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