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The Arcane power source refers to a type of magical energy created by Planar Friction (the effect of planes sliding against one another). When planes are pulled together, usually through prayers and transfer of power they create ripples like a buoy gently bobbing in a still body of water. Since there are many planes that spread arcane energy in this way throughout the Zithket it establishes a flow much like blood vessels webbing over each other. The large veins of energy that mesh the Zithket are known as Ley Lines.

Tapping into Arcane Power: The first lesson that any user of arcane energy learns is that there are different source energies that exist from various different Planar Friction. For example the Ravijket’s friction is much different from the Solimket’s. Classes like wizards treat the different energies like ingredients in recipes carefully crafting out measurements of the different types of energy in their spells. Whereas Sorcerers often just use the arcane energy that is most readily available and unleash its power on their foes. Either way the greatest advantage and disadvantage of the arcane power source is that it can have have varying degrees of availability.

Arcane Power Source Bonus: At the beginning of any encounter roll an arcana skill check to attune yourself to the available arcane power.

9 or Below (Null): Decrease all arcane source damage by 2 steps

10-14 (Depleted): Decrease all arcane source damage by 1 step

15-24 (Average): Keep all arcane source damage the same

25-30 (Surged): Raise all arcane source damage by 1 step

31 or above (Ley Line Level): Raise all arcane source damage by 2 steps.


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