Capital: Copper Harbor

Official Language: [[Wave-Tongue]]

Government: Plutocracy (Titles and Power are given to those who will pay for them)

Approximate Date of Establishment: 50 BES

Approximate Landmass: 15,000 Sq Miles

Approximate Population: 450,000

Demographics: 15% Tinker Gnomes, 15% Zeltroes, 13% A’Uquenel, 12% Cyclops, 10% Free Elves, 10% Gnolls, 6% Hesslecks, 4% Kobolds, 15% Other

Major Cities: Copper Harbor

Affiliation: Silver Consortium


The Copperway is composed of a small strip of arable farmland and a rocky peninsula on the Eastern coast of Visloshell. It is dwarfed by the Shadowcrown to its West (and is very close to the enormous city of Nesso) and by Alavriglen to its South. The arable farmland in its southern portions is utilized vigorously to help feed its rather dense population. The rocky peninsula is what gives the small country its name as it is incredibly rich in copper mines. The lightly grassed hillsides are grazed by sheep and goats, cyclops often find the area to be a heavenly home with so many abandoned shallow mines and ample supplies of meat. The main city of Copper Harbor is built on the thin base of the peninsula between two ideal natural harbors.


The area which is currently known as the Copperway was long disregarded as unimportant land occupied by Kobolds and wild Hesslecks. It came under the dominion of the Great Hessleck Empire and remained under the rule of Nesso when the Empire fell apart into warring kingdoms. In the year 209 BES the Jumilaw managed to secure a large portion of the peninsula and it was they who discovered its rich resource of copper. As the years passed the Jumilaw forces were stalled in their campaign to reach Nesso (which was at war on many fronts) but they did manage to cut the Hessleck forces off from what is now the southern portion of the Copperway. The Free Elves from the Alavriglen took the opportunity to occupy the land (even though they were not technically at war with Nesso) which had virtually no remaining population in it from various Jumilaw raids. This set in motion the purchase of the land by the Silver Consortium in the year 52 BES. The faction decided to pool their resources to pay the Jumilaw a comparatively small sum of money for the Copperway peninsula and to pay Alavriglen for the rest of the land in the South (again for a small sum). This allowed for the Jumilaw to bring back their forces to closer to home (where they were needed more) and not look as though they were retreating or had fought for nothing. The Silver Consortium then payed the Hesslecks of Nesso for the land (buying it a second time for even cheaper) pacifying any thoughts they had of reclaiming it and giving them much needed support to help control their small empire. Even though the Silver Consortium payed twice for the same land they still came through with a great deal. The Copperway is a strategic harbor and resource center for the faction. It also is an important center of trade in its part of the world. All of the government positions and new land/mineral titles are bought directly from the Silver Consortium (and all the other organizations which helped make the initial purchase) even to this day. The investment in most cases has paid itself fifteen times over.


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