Capital: Misty Bay (Heynor’Aquen)

Official Language: Elvish

Government: Monarchy

Approximate Date of Establishment: 80,000 BES (Oldest Persisting State in Zith)

Approximate Landmass: 200,000 Sq Miles

Approximate Population: 2,000,000

Demographics: 97% Drow (Daroenel), 3% Other

Major Cities: Misty Bay and Ancuss

Affiliation: Sunlord Alliance, though capital of Misty Bay is a Neutral Free Port

Geography The island of Cussia is covered in a thick dark forest, rocky hills, and miles of swamp. It receives a great deal of rainfall which makes some of the land ideal for farming but the Dark Elves usually prefer eating bizarre foods found in the forest and swamp. Most of the coasts are cliffs rather than beaches and much of the central portion of the island is near sea level. Many hot springs can be found on the island too along with notorious caves full of hot gassy vents. The sun only shows for about 15% of days, the weather is usually overcast.

Brief History

125,000 years before the end of the Age of Shadow Dark Elves first came to Cussia. 50,000 years later two kingdoms had developed and begun to quarrel over land: one named Tuzwa in the south and Cussia in the north. Cussia had its capital in Ancuss (which means “Crown of the Land”) and had a rich culture which focused on achieving perfection with the help of the Solimket and the Xugellket. Tuzwa allied itself with the Xugellket in desperation but still managed to loose the war as it was pressed off the island to the much less hospitable Scorposia to the southeast. By 2132 BES the kingdom relocated its capital from Ancuss to Misty Bay which was the much older former capital of Tuzwa.


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