Dark Elves

Races under this category:

  1. Drow or more often simply referred to as “Dark Elves” and “Daronenel.” Drow is sometimes considered more offensive.
  1. Fog Elves or “Heynorenel”


The story of the Dark Elves begins in the Middle Period of the Age of Shadow. A splinter group of Eneladrin had removed themselves from any sort of permanent connection with the Alriket and set up living in the Western edges of Enelia. These elves were fiercely independent and sustained a wild but prosperious living in their environment.

Through the heavy study of Crest Magic, this splinter group began to comprehend the connection between the Alriket and the Xugellket. This helped shape a more distanced view of the protective plane that their cousins, the Eneladrin, used to hide from the forces that dominated the Zithket. The culture of this splinter group, who began to call themselves the “Daronenel” or Dark Elves, forged a heavy distrust of all planes and gods as they learned more. Instead, they embraced the power sources of Arcane, Primal, and Martial.

Some say the group even earned their name as the “Daronenel” from the Eneladrin who remained in the Alriket and saw them as fallen from illumination. The physical differences became prevalent to as they developed a purplish-grey skin.

These Daronenel soon came under the sole leadership of an individual known as Sciporii (considered the father of Daronenel), who sought to bring the group to a new land. This was largely due to the fact that the Eneladrin, who had (and still have) a loose conceptualization of property, consumed the Daronenel’s crops and other resources. In turn, great trees were felled in order to construct the ships that would carry the Daronenel to a new land. This great exodus led to the founding of the Daronenel civilization on the island of Cussia after a brief colonial attempt on what is now Axhome.

After settling Cussia, the two daughters of Sciporii found a profound a disagreement dividing them. Cumyia his eldest daughter felt that the true goal of the Dark Elves was to create a self-perfection: free from outside temptations. The younger daughter Finel agreed that self-perfection was important but part of obtaining perfection was to assist others in their own self-perfection. This created the divide between the Fog Elves (Heynorenel) who followed Finel to the mainland of Visloshell and those that followed Cumyia who inherited the title of being the true Daroenel.

Dark Elves

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