( därȯnket )

“The Plane of Shadow” or “The Plane of the Abyss”

Creator The Great Shadow Dragon

This plane was of the first pair (the Transient Planes) to be created along with the Solimket. Few have any conception of when this founding occurred but most would say that when the Plane of Sun and the Plane of Shadow were created marked the beginning of time.


The Daronket is a seemingly infinite expanding cone with the tip and open entrance placed at the exact furthest point on the Zithket furthest from its opposite the Solimket. Like the Solimket the tip and entrance to the Daronket is approximately 2 miles off the surface of the Zithket and is always moving.


The Denizens of the of the Daronket are usually referred to as Demons or Anti-Celestials. They are dark, evil minded creatures that seem to have no thought but to destroy and mangle anything around them. Worship of any forces within the Daronket is next to impossible; the more feasible route is to drain power from the plane by force. Much of the Shadow Coalition’s power is based off of enslaving the denizens and powers of the Daronket.

Ultimate Concern

This plane like the Ravijket simply is centered around a concept rather than making any organizational attempt at a goal. Where the Solimket wants to preserve, sculpt, and perfect the world in its image the Daronket simply wants the world to end in the way that it exists now (in every way).


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