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Free Elves or “Ashienel”

Green Elves or “Verenel”


The sharpest and most painful divide in the history of Enelia occurred approximately 100,000 years before the end of the Age of Shadow. A growing movement of celibate male monks, that had taken over the ritual gate to the Alriket, performed a well-organized coup overthrowing the existing female-ruled Eneladrin clergy. Most of the aristocracy was exiled from the Alriket along with a voluntary and disproportionately female exodus. The population remained in Enelia for a few hundred years before a vast group of disillusioned females left (these became mostly Half Elves as they reproduced with other races).

Eventually, the more moderate population in the Alriket gained authority as the celibate monk movement died out. So several thousand years after the split the exiled elves sought to return and reconcile with the Eneladrin in the Alriket, but were rejected: many had been born in the Zithket or were considered to have lived in the Zithket too long. Thus this final divide from the Eneladrin occurred. These elves emigrated to Vrima and were then split again by a difference of ideals in what became the Green Elves chose a very naturalist approach where as what became the Free Elves moved to mainland Visloshell (and set up a Crest and Divine magic centered society).


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