Capital: Ernos

Official Language: Common

Government: Monarchy

Approximate Date of Establishment: 600 BES

Approximate Landmass: 100,000 Sq Miles

Approximate Population: 1,500,000

Demographics: 90% Isonians, 5% Fog Elves, 3% High Dwarves, 2% Other

Major Cities: Ernos and Exen

Affiliation: Sunlord Alliance


The primitive Human tribes that lived along the river Erno had a legend of a hidden protector that lived among them. This “Weaver of the People” as it was referred to was said to live out life as an Isonian and create goodwill between the people. Several city-states including the large city of Exen were united under a single monarch family through a series of aristocratic marriages (some say they were guided by the “Weaver”). The city of Ernos was established as a new capital for the united leadership in 600 BES. As the Age of Shadow came to a close it was revealed that the “Weaver of the People” was actually a powerful Deva and was a fragment of Anjithera. When the fragments were united into the reformed Celestial, Ernia only naturally united with the Tellesasha Empire to form the Sunlord Alliance. Today Ernia and its capital of Ernos are often (debatable) regarded as being the second or third most important city of the faction.


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