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Freckle Gnomes

Tinker Gnomes

True Gnomes or sometimes referred to as “Under Gnomes”


Gnomes originally arose from a group of Dwarves that dug very deep and encountered powers from the Under Planes. This group of Dwarves lost all their connection and culture which spanned back to the True Race and the Outer Planes. Gnomes developed a tradition of utilizing psionic powers in the Under Planes as there was a lack of arcane and divine powers readily available. Some groups of Gnomes made their way again to the surface and founded communities in Jania and Visloshell. These communities lost psionics as a common phenomenon but it still would randomly show up among these “Surface Gnomes.” Gnomes that have not had many generations living detached from the Under Planes are known as True Gnomes for they both worship gods of the Under Planes and have a tradition, almost without exception of psionics.


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