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The darkest irony of the Age of Shadow was that while most races developed unique manners of clinging to survival the race that proliferated most did not do so on their own terms. The development of Goblins as a deviation from the True Race was a horrifying ordeal. As the forces of the Xugellket settled into their role as the dominant force in Zith they quickly learned that the life resource that their Vampires needed to retain their immortality was becoming depleted. Numbers of humanoid prey were shrinking and those that were surviving found better ways to avoid being caught and sucked dry. It was then decided to round up a population and selectively breed them to have certain qualities: small, consume minimal resources, have high birth rates, and most of all have excellent bodily regeneration. The final product was Goblinoids. The majority of the population has and continues to live in D’Naire but some groups have trickled out and have developed prosperous civilizations outside of being cattle for the Xugellket.


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