Half Elves

Subraces that Fall under this Category

Ice Elves

Lost Elves (One who has had elven blood mixed long ago)

New Elves (One who has had elven blood mixed more recently)


In the years after a size able portion of the Eneladrin were exiled from the Alriket by the celibate male uprising a large group of dejected female Eneladrin took to the ocean commanding respectable vessels and leading a nomadic lifestyle. Often these Elves would engage in piracy competing against the Shadow Goblins. The other thing these Elves did (which actually they took as a priority) was to raid tribes and kingdoms for men. They favored Humans but took Dwarves, Dark Elves, and A’Uquenel too. Because this entire generation had Eneladrin mothers and fathers of other races they became a race of Half Elves. Eventually these people settled down into kingdoms in the Southland all of which are heavily matriarchal (Men cannot own land, be unmarried as a foreigner and reside permanently, or use arcane magic). Also in order to avoid what happened to separate the people from the Alriket reproduction is magically manipulated to only allow for female children unless a fairly inexpensive permit is purchased in these kingdoms. This large and successful group of Half Elves that live in the Southlands are now referred to as Ice Elves.

Half Elves

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