Capital: Janiala

Official Language: Gnomish, and usually [[Wave-Tongue]] in major cities.

Government: Republic (Assembly of elders from various communities)

Approximate Date of Establishment: 1,300 BES

Approximate Landmass: 250,000 Sq Miles

Approximate Population: 3,500,000

Demographics: 90% Tinker Gnomes, 5% Northmen, 3% A’Uquenel, 2% Other

Major Cities: Silveropolis, Janos, Jabbleton, Cave Harbor, Rubos

Affiliation: Silver Consortium


It was often thought that one of the last strains of the True Race lived in the island chain of Jania well into the Age of Shadow. Several ruins indicate that before that dark time Jania had a thriving and prosperous community. Most of the current archeologists of Jania agree that the original inhabitants had left or were wiped out well before 100,000 BES. Gnomes first emerged from the many passages to the Underworld on Jania Island near the modern city of Janos. The devout worship of the Under Planes common in any Gnome community quickly was traded out for ingenuity as the various tribes developed ways of extracting the jagged island’s many resources. These Tinker Gnomes as they came to be known as fanned out to the other islands on the archipelago creating small and prosperous city-states. The prosperity was not left unnoticed by Shadow Goblins who ruled the waves in that age and had established an outpost at the modern Cave Harbor. These Goblins took the gnomes often as slaves and pillaged the land for centuries with small raiding parties. Eventually in 1,345 BES the various city-states sent representatives and created a unicameral republic to clear their waters of the pirates. The Shadow Goblins were kicked out of their last outpost in Cave Harbor by 1,320 BES. This united Jania eventually became a founding member for the Silver Consortium and holds the faction’s capital of Silveropolis (formerly the city of Honeymilk).


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