( kōlnaket )

“The North Plane”

Creator True Race

This plane was created (the fourth and final pair of planes to be created) along with the Misuraket at the beginning of the Age of Shadow. Although not much is known about its creation it was made quite rapidly by desperate members of the True Race seeking a safe new home. Not much is known about the mechanics of the creation process or what exactly it was made to be because those who took part in making it moved inside of it soon after and sealed the entrance behind them.


Not much is known about the Kolnaket but most speculate its dimensions are somewhat similar to the other stationary planes. It is probably a sphere which interacts in some way in the dimension of the Misuraket. Yet reports from the Misuraket state clearly that there is no visible evidence of the Kolnaket in their sky. The entrance is found in the Northland and all attempts to open the seal placed upon it have been unsuccessful. One strange feature of this plane is that it does not suck in creatures when its paired plane the Misuraket has creatures enter it. Speculation says that it finds another way of balancing because the seal placed upon it is so strong.


Speculation on the denizens of the Kolnaket range from a thriving and advanced civilization of the former True Race to just the bones of a deceased band of refugees.

Ultimate Concern

The only concern of the people who entered the Kolnaket was survival. Nothing about an alignment was said as far as its creation. No one knows what, if any, ultimate goals those in the Kolnaket seek. Isolation is probably still a goal if a civilization in the plane had the capability of opening its entrance.


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