( mēsürȯket )

“The South Plane”

Creator True Race (Unintentionally)

This plane was created (the fourth and final pair of planes to be created) along with the Kolnaket at the beginning of the Age of Shadow. This plane being paired with the Kolnaket seems to just be an empty wilderness with random terrain much like the Zithket. Not much of it has been explored so its full nature is still quite unknown.


Not much is known about the Misuraket but most speculate its dimensions are somewhat similar to the other stationary planes. It is probably a sphere which interacts in some way in the dimension of the Kolnaket. Yet from what has been seen in this plane no real interaction with a paired plane seems evident. This plane also does not exhibit the balancing of entrances that the other paired planes perform. The entrance to the Misuraket is found in the Southland amongst the nations of the Ice Elves


The Ice Elves have only colonized a few areas of the Misuraket and have not found other sentient races as of yet.

Ultimate Concern

This plane seems to be only wilderness and seems to have as little of an agenda or alignment to it as the Zithket: it is a seemingly blank sheet of paper.


Zith Eejeb Eejeb