Capital: Bunarr

Official Language: Claw Tongue, and most know Common as well.

Government: Monarchy mixed with Theocracy

Approximate Date of Establishment: 800 BES

Approximate Landmass: 100,000 Sq Miles

Approximate Population: 1,000,000

Demographics: 90% Tygrol, 6% Terese, 3% Kiri, 1% Other

Major Cities: Bunarr and Darrja

Affiliation: Sunlord Alliance


To say Rajj was forged in blood would be a complete understatement. The bluffs that surround the meeting of the Bunarr River and Tellesasha River have for a long time been ruled by various Tygrol tribes but were consistently overrun by Bone Troll invaders. Human tribes also pestered the Tygrol by stealing their resources and Kiri hunting groups would constantly take game from their jungles. Starting in the year 989 BES about a dozen different Tygrol warlords took control of the fertile lands of Rajj and organized invasions of other lands for livestock, gold, land, and sometimes slaves. These Tygrol forces terrorized the surrounding communities and seemed that they only could be stopped by another Tygrol warlord who would challenge the current leader removing his head and crown. In the year 814 BES the final and greatest warlord known as Kujj’Ketho brought a great domain under his control and constructed fortresses to protect the boundaries of this new “Rajj.” His greatest general from his Western Campaigns turned against him and led an army against his citadel. Kujj’Ketho managed to defeat his general and paraded the traitor and consorts up to the greatest bluff. The traitors were to be executed but Kujj’Ketho had a change of heart. Legend says that his wife of the time was a Deva who softened his heart. After this act of mercy which defied Tygrol tradition it was said that the Solimket had found a home among the Tygrol. Worship of the Sunlord began with the construction of a great temple on the location where the traitors were to be executed. Kujj’Ketho’s line became the source of monarchs for Rajj and the Deva who was his wife was said to have been a secret high cleric of the temple until the time of Anjithera’s unification. As worship of the Sunlord increased Rajj found a welcome place in the Sunlord Alliance and the Tellesasha Empire. Rajj has never lost its love of war and is the military capital of the Sunlord Alliance.


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