( rȯvijket )

“The Plane of Chaos” or “The Plane of Madness”

Creator Celestials (Unintentionally)

This plane was created as an accident by the Celestials when making the Surinket as an ally to gain an advantage in the Zithket. Neither the Surinket or the Ravijket have a real conscious objective to spread their ideology into the Zithket so their impact as far as the planes are concerned has been rather negligible.


The Ravijket is a spherical plane that intersects, with a usually closed border, the Zithket on the continent of Soo’em. The plane is stationary and upon entering it seems like a smaller globe like the Zithket which orbits the Surinket globe in a parallel dimension to other planes affiliated with the Zith.


The Denizens of the of the Ravijket are often referred to as Elementals because usually the only thing strong enough to pass into the Zithket from this plane is when a bunch of similar entities clump together to make some sort of monster of fire and ice. Usually the life that does exist in the Ravijket is tearing itself and other life apart in an endless storm that sweeps across the globe. Knowledge that goes more in depth on the Ravijket is quite rare in Zith.

Ultimate Concern

The only concern of the Ravijket is that there be no ultimate concern. It is a constant mess of dividing and adding in random ways. No consciousness is really present when it comes to the Ravijket.


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