Solimket Pantheon


Major Deities of the Solimket

The Sunlord: Ruler of the Solimket.

Tiffala: High Priestess of the Solimket. Nearly equal in power to the Sunlord.

The Silver Eye: Deity of honorable trade and law.

Atah: Deity of righteous warfare.

Nolgim: Ambassador from the Sunlord to mortals especially Dwarves.

Major Religions of the Solimket

Orthodox Church of the Sunlord: The most predominant and proselytized religious group in Zith this church is led directly by the Celestial Anjithera, who is also considered by most to be the leader of the Sunlord Alliance.

Church of the Eye: This religious group focuses on good principles of its parishioners over necessarily a zealous devotion. It seeks the middle ground with most other Solimket worshipers. It has a slight emphasis on prayers to the Silver Eye over others in the Pantheon.

Brethren of the Sun: A secretive and ancient religion. This tradition is almost exclusively found among Desert Giants and Zeltroes.

Solimket Pantheon

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