Capital: Coldsun Port

Official Language: Goblinese and Claw Tongue

Government: Theocracy

Approximate Date of Establishment: 100 BES

Approximate Landmass: 6,000 Sq Miles

Approximate Population: 100,000

Demographics: 75% Horned Goblins, 10% Frost Gnolls, 8% Ice Elves, 7% Other

Major Cities: Coldsun Port

Affiliation: Sunlord Alliance


Tradition reports that the first Goblins to come to this region had broken away from the rest of their people, who they viewed as lost souls, to set up a highly religious state of worshiping the Solimket. The small city-state existed at quite a meager level until the Shadow Goblins lost interest in the area and commercial trading could begin again. Frost Gnolls and Ice Elves sent merchants and adventurers Westward and found this kind but slightly xenophobic group of Horned Goblins. Interest in this small community increased more as the Age of Shadow came to an end and worship of the Solimket proliferated. A holy relic: a suit of armor from one of the deceased Celestials who fought before the beginning of the Age of Shadow is present in the temple of the Sunlord in the city. Sunfrost has been welcomed with open arms into the Sunlord Alliance and continues to be a valuable outpost in the region.


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