I am the voice of righteousness, the mind that crafts law, and the hand that crushes the unholy.

DEITY DOMAINS: Justice, Protection, and War

ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good

The Sunlord is considered to be the leader of the Solimket Pantheon but this does not necessarily mean that his rule is absolute. Rather his wife Tiffala and the Silver Eye along with their respective followers have a great deal of independence. The Sunlord is not the leader of the Solimket Pantheon because he is far and away more able than any other deity; rather the Sunlord is the leader because he is the balanced center of all the aspects of the Solimket.


The central symbol of the Sunlord is known as the “Solimihnk” and is the design of a stoic face, with eight sharp cornered stars for eye irises (and sometimes just as the eyes), a small beard with two vertical lightly colored lines which divide the beard into three sections, and eight spade like rays which project from the face. Other more subtle symbols may be seen in sacred art such as strong sunlight, polished gold, and righteous kings.


  1. Complete eradication of all evil from the Zithket and beyond.
  2. To create a peaceful, enlightened and lawful society.
  3. To be honorable in deed, life, and word.


Zith Eejeb Eejeb