Sunlord Alliance

Righteousness, Might, and Glory!

Capital: Tereken; Runelaw, Tellasasha Empire

Government: Theocracy led by Anjithera; but also contains Kings, Councils, and Generals which are policy makers in their own right that share the power.

Official Language: Common, though Clawtongue and Dwarvish are used as well.

View of Other Factions

Arcanumdom: Semi Friendly. Although the Sunlord Alliance really enjoys using Arcanumdom’s portals they can’t help but notice that this faction deals with their worst enemy the Shadow Coalition. Both factions view law and order to be of great importance in their societies so transitioning between the two is quite easy for their respective denizens.

Confederacy of Blood Kings Hostile, openly at war, or semi hostile depending on which member of the Confederacy is being referred to. This faction is considered to be a headache by the Sunlord Alliance. These people should open themselves to enlightenment! Not join together in some sort of rabble to raid and pillage others.

Shadow Coalition Openly at war. Rare are the circumstances that a loyal defender of the Sunlord Alliance will tolerate the presence of a member of the Shadow Coalition in their midst.

Silver Consortium Friendly. Great for all the services the Sunlord Alliance needs and honorable tradesmen too. Though many find it annoying how focused the Consortium is on greed instead of embracing their destiny which is to join the Sunlord Alliance.

Sunlord Alliance

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