( sürinket )

“The Plane of Law” or “The Plane of Judgement”

Creator Celestials

This plane was created (one of the second pair to be created) before mortals as the first attempt by the forces of the Solimket who sought to gain an advantage and an ally in their battle to gain control of the Zithket. As they did not want to create an equal the Celestials did not bestow their conscience upon this plane but rather just their principles. Therefor the Surinket adheres to many of the same principles as the Solimket but does not grasp the spirit behind the ethics. This method of creating an ally through another plane inevitably failed to produce any advantage for the Celestials as the Surinket forces never really saw any reason to leave their plane to enforce their principles upon others. Also the creation of the Surinket spawned the creation of the Ravijket which produced as much harm as the Surinket produced good (perhaps more net harm).


The Surinket is a spherical plane that intersects, with a usually closed border, the Zithket in the area of Northwest Visloshell. The plane is stationary and upon entering it seems like a smaller globe like the Zithket which orbits the Ravijket globe in a parallel dimension to other planes affiliated with the Zith.


The Denizens of the of the Surinket are known as Ordiles and generally are a quite negligible lot. Ordiles usually do not like venturing out of the Surinket and refer to their own world as the sole location of civilization. The deities of the Surinket do attract a following in the Zithket but really only seek to project their principles, law, and justice but not strict faith or advancing martyrdom.

Ultimate Concern

The Surinket has often been referred to as the most introverted plane in Zith. It accepts the fact that the Zithket is for the most part beyond a complete and universal reform and instead seeks to advance its principles to those who want them. The Ordiles live out quiet lives all abiding to their law and the deities rarely seek out some grand mission or agenda.


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