Surinket Pantheon

Major Deities of the Surinket

The Judge: Ruler of the Surinket.

Mallah: Patron Deity of Wizards and Arcane majicks.

Natavela: Patron Deity of equality, fairness, peace, and just rewards.

The Three Juries: Patron deity of law creation and performance. Also associated with punishment for disobeying laws.

Urshis: Patron deity of Civilization.

Major Religions of the Surinket

Church of the Blue Cleric: A secretive and new religion that is widespread amongst Majiles that has emphasis on fulfilling a complicated prophecy and legacy.

Acolytes of the Judge: The most common and simple form of Surinket worship. Temples of this church are found all through Western Visloshell.

True Children of Law: Is a widespread but population-wise small group of monasteries dedicated to strict worship of the Surinket.

Surinket Pantheon

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