( züjelket )

“The Plane of Hate,” “The Plane of Despair,” or “The Plane of Immortality”

Creator True Race (Unintentionally)

This plane was created (one of the third pair to be created) accidentally by a powerful group of priests, sorcerers, and magicians who sought to create a more perfect world for mortals. In creating the Alriket it was noticed that another sphere formed on the opposite side of the Zithket. As the world that was being created (Alriket) was lush and full of plants and animals it was thought that the opposite type of world would be created as the biproduct: namely a barren wasteland. Early reports confirmed this speculation and not much more was thought of it. When the first major migration into the Alriket took place the Xugellket itself pulled many kingdoms and villages in the nearby areas of the Zithket into itself as the balance was required. When a few of these victims escaped they told horror stories of terrible and cruel monsters in the plane. These stories came to the attention of the Celestials at the same time as the discovery of the Fey in the Alriket. It was then realized that in creating these planes powerful sentient beings tied to them had been created also: One group of friendly and peaceful Fey and another group of terrible and devious devils.


The Xugellket is a spherical plane that intersects, with an often closed border, the Zithket on the island of D’Nosk. The plane is stationary and upon entering it seems like a smaller globe comparable to the Zithket which orbits the Alriket globe in a parallel dimension to other planes affiliated with the Zith. It is said to be barren with ashy air and fiery skies.


The Denizens of the of the Xugellket consist of two groups: The first are the beings which originated in the Xugellket and are the masters of the domain. This group is known usually as Devils but is also called “Angels of Hate” or “Demonlords.” The second group is the degenerated ancestors of the unfortunate members of the True Race who were sucked into the Xugellket. This particular group has taken on characteristics of their masters and is known as the Tieflings.

Ultimate Concern

The Xugellket cares mostly for dominating and controlling the Zithket. Since their paired plane is full of pacifists they are often free to use what powers they have knowing that the Alriket forces will most likely not use it back at them. The Xugellket offers mortals the chance of immortality by sucking the life essence of other sentient beings. This bestowal of power has given the Devils a long tradition of holding a tyrannical hand over large bodies of mortals.


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