Silver Consortium

Trade, Technology, and Treasure!

Capital: Silveropolis, Jania

Government: Oligarchy of leaders from member Silver Consortium Kingdoms.

Official Language: Wave Tongue


Primary/Power Races: A’Uquenel, Tinker Gnomes, and Zeltroes.

Secondary Races: Bronzelites, Cyclops, Isonians, and Northmen

Other affiliate races: Brownies and Fog Elves


Common Religions: Church of the Eye is the staple religion in most kingdoms in the Silver Consortium. Bretheren of the Sun is the common religion amongst the Zeltroes and Desert Giants. Many mercenaries that live in Silver Consortium lands follow the Sun Dragon Pantheon and the Shadow Dragon Pantheon.

Top Five Most Common Professions:
  1. Merchant/Sailor
  2. Artisan
  3. Ship Builder
  4. Farmer
  5. Arcane Engineer

Average Total Wealth of a Citizen: 25 Gold.


The origins of the Silver Consortium begin several hundred years before the end of the Age of Shadow. Tinker Gnomes, Zeltroes, and A’Uquenel all shared a similar problem; Shadow Goblins and to a lesser extent Ice Elves through means of piracy terrorized coastal kingdoms. As they were taken as slaves by pirates the Tinker Gnomes, Zeltroes, and A’Uquenel shared stories of their homelands. When a few through various means made it back to their respective kingdoms the knowledge of other kingdoms sharing deep hatred for pirates spread. The A’Uquenel were the first to send out boats which quietly brought the leadership of the three peoples into contact with one another. Through their combined efforts and strengths the Silver Consortium was formed as an anti-pirate league of nations. The Ice Elves retreated to the Southlands and the Shadow Goblins retreated to Northern Visloshell. After the completion of ridding the nearby seas of pirates a new found prosperity in trading was discovered. The three peoples found their strengths as complimentary in peace time as war time. As the Celestials return to the world came about the original three peoples of the Silver Consortium decided to not join the new Sunlord Alliance for their own reasons but instead to become close acquaintances.

The Silver Consortium moved to becoming a closer political body in order to counteract the other factions that formed in Zith. It was the fourth faction to be officially created. The central problem in uniting the faction was on where to place the capital: none of the races particularly wanted the seat of power. Both the Zeltroes and the A’Uquenel were afraid that having the capital in their lands would bring too much unwanted (as opposed to wanted which they really like) business and travel to their kingdoms. The Tinker Gnomes stepped up and chose the then small city of Honeymilk and renamed it “Silveropolis” and built it up as a center of industry and commerce around its new designation of Capital of the Silver Consortium. Now as new races such as Northmen join the Silver Consortium and look within its watery borders for wealth and opportunity such things are found in great quantities in the great Silveropolis. The many banks within the Silver Consortium also make their headquarters in the capital. Though since the faction’s main goal is to be a loose organization of commerce the actual power of the policy makers in Silveropolis is rather minuscule.

View of the Other Factions

Arcanumdom: Semi Hostile. Direct competitors in the manner that the Silver Consortium uses (and controls) ships (and occasionally airships) to travel and communicate whereas Arcanumdom uses portals. This means that often Silver Consortium members loose coin when other factions choose to use the other form of travel. Also Arcanumdom is the other big user of the relatively limited arcane resources of the world which the Tinker Gnomes need for their contraptions.

Confederacy of Blood Kings: Semi Friendly. Since the Silver Consortium is not interested in conquering lands the Confederacy has never run into them as a major adversary. The Silver Consortium sells weapons and other goods to this faction but not in the same quantity or more importantly same quality as the Sunlord Alliance.

Shadow Coalition: Semi Hostile. Much bad blood between the Silver Consortium and one of the prime members of the Shadow Coalition (Shadow Goblins). Occasionally some trading will occur in colonies such as the Copperway with this faction but nothing significant.

Sunlord Alliance: Friendly. As good of a relationship as any two factions have is found between the Silver Consortium and the Sunlord Alliance. The Sunlord Alliance has power/wealth and seeks services/weapons. The Silver Consortium seeks wealth/power and has services/weapons. Simply put… they get along just fine.

Silver Consortium

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