“The Plane of Sun” or “The Plane of Light”

Creator The Great Sundragon

This plane was of the first pair (the Transient Planes) to be created along with the Daronket. Few have any conception of when this founding occurred but most would say that when the Plane of Sun and the Plane of Shadow were created marked the beginning of time.


The Solimket is an elongated Cylinder 5 miles in diameter that tracks the shortest distance from the Sun to the spherical Zithket. Because Zithket is spinning on a tilted access the opening to the Solimket (which is now open all the time 2 miles up in the sky) is always moving.


The primary denizens of the Solimket are the Celestials who are sometimes referred to as Sun Angels or simply Angels. The deities, or Solimket Pantheon which control the Solimket and often control large amounts of following in the Zithket are in essence Celestials with extra powers.

Ultimate Concern

Advancing good through discipline and law wherever they can. Promoting life and self-actualization of their creation (mortals) so that light will triumph in the world. The Solimket seeks to call evil by its name and terminate its existence. Blood must spill and many will have to sacrifice if there is to be a joyful peace.


Zith Eejeb Eejeb