Zith Factions

The Five major political factions of Zith:

Arcanumdom is a faction composed of power and knowledge seekers wielding the weapons of civilization and arcane majicks.

Confederacy of Blood Kings is a faction based upon a loose agreement by warlords to unite and bring the fight to any who would take their freedom or possess valuables which could be plundered.

Shadow Coalition is a faction ruled by the powers from the Xugellket often enslaving demons from the Daronket in a quest for domination and immortality in defiance of the Celestials and the Solimket.

Silver Consortium is a faction composed of trading city-states and nations interested in technology, wealth, and ruling the oceans.

Sunlord Alliance is a faction concerned with the expansion of the glory of the Solimket and the Celestials to bring light and righteousness to the world.

Zith Factions

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